SCF is the principal charity tool of Sistema PJSFC and its subsidiaries and affiliates.
The key objective of SCF is to ensure maximum efficiency of the Corporation’s social and charitable investment.
SCF develops a social investment policy, organises large-scale corporate programmes and implements charitable projects.
SCF chooses to support unique, innovative projects, often in the areas that have not previously been the focus of sponsors and charities. The annual meetings of the Management Board and the Board of Trustees review applications and make decisions on distributing SCF’s funds. The governing bodies include representatives of Sistema’s subsidiaries: MTS, RTI, Medsi Group, Detsky Mir and other companies.


Mission: ensuring maximum efficiency of the Corporation’s social investment.
    • Choosing the focus for the strategy of social investment.
    • Building and implementing a portfolio of strategic programmes in cooperation with Sistema and its subsidiaries.
    • Expanding the network of SCF’s contacts and partnerships in professional and business communities, including implementation of joint programmes and projects.